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Report Configurator

Report templates can be created and edited using the Report Configurator. A report template consists of sections, each of which represents a machine element. The output can be customized for each machine element section. Each section can contain tables, charts, and 3D images of the machine element.

Various pre-configured tables and diagrams are available for each section. They can be added by double-clicking on the report template.


Report templates are saved in .wbrep file format. The folders where templates are stored can be edited under Settings -> Reporting -> Directories.


The position and width of charts can be edited in the Report Configurator.

Figure 28.

(1) Adds a new section to the report template.

(2) Selection of default and user-created table templates.

(3) Selection of charts and figures.

(4) Edit table or chart.

(5) Changes the order of the sections.