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FVA-Workbench 7.1.0


  • Power flow editor now shows the names of the load components

  • Input and output components are now differently colored in the 3D Model

  • Model snapshots can now be created, named, and deleted in scripting; attribute values can also be read from model snapshots to create (comparison) reports

  • New getNotifications()¬†scripting function for querying messages from calculations

  • Display of tables in output reports can now be switched between attribute name and attribute ID

  • It is now possible to switch between different number formats in the report settings (default: 1,000,000.0)

  • New example script for preliminary design of gear modifications (width and profile modifications for uniform load distribution) available under Global Scripts.

  • New report template added for load spectrum calculations

  • Profile tools can now be specified for injection molded and sintered gears

  • Calculation of gear forces of bevel gear stages according to ISO 23509 added for single component calculations

  • Revised CAD export of cylindrical gears with flank modifications

  • Extensive overhaul of load spectrum calculations

  • Improved control and message output for FEM dynamic rollover (with Abaqus); default mesh settings added

  • FFT diagrams from FE tooth contact analysis (STIRAK) adjusted so that the number of orders displayed matches the calculated mesh positions

  • Increased minimum number of teeth in FE tooth contact analysis (STIRAK) to correspond with the rounded-up total overlap

  • Cylindrical gear chains with FE wheel bodies can now be included in the system calculation

  • Improved handling of FE wheel body meshing in system calculation

  • Calculated BECAL influence numbers now reused when performing additional calculations

  • Increased maximum amount of memory that can be allocated by FVA-Workbench to 6 GB (Heap Space Maximum)


  • Fixed an issue with displaying nodes if meshing fails

  • The format is now correctly considered when importing ANSYS reduced stiffness matrices

  • Various minor bug fixes in rolling bearing calculations

  • Various minor bug fixes in cylindrical interference fit calculations

  • Various minor bug fixes in power loss calculations

  • REXS import/export improvements (worm gear stages, shaft-hub connections)