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The FVA-Workbench creates a model snapshot when a calculation is completed. Model snapshots contain all specifications and calculation results at the time of the calculation. Reporting clearly illustrates the data included in a model snapshot.

The contents of a report can be configured using report templates. Report templates consist of multiple sections, each describing a machine element. These sections can include charts, tables, and figures.

The report template is applied to a model snapshot when a report is generated. The finished report only includes the outputs defined in the template.


Outputs that are defined in a report template but not calculated in the model snapshot are not shown in the report.


Outputs for machine elements are defined in a report template. The finished report then includes a section for each machine element consisting of the outputs configured in the report template.

Figure 27. Report in .html format
Report in .html format

(1) The Model Tree represents the hierarchical structure of the gear unit. Clicking on a component scrolls to the section of the report that includes the output for the machine element.

(2) The header includes information such as the title, report template, customer, etc.

(3) A 3D image can be generated for each machine element.

(4) In many charts, values are shown when hovering over a position.

(5) The result-attributes that are shown in the tables can be edited in the report configurator.

(6) Charts can be zoomed as required for detailed evaluation.


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