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FVA-Workbench 8.1.1


  • HTTP request functions in scripting have been thoroughly revised and enhanced. For more information, see: Client-Server Communication

  • New scripting function for formatting text in Excel cells. For more information, see: setRichText()

  • Consistency checks for material parameters have been expanded.


  • Scripting: REXS files can now be exported in JSON format with the exportModel() function.

  • REXS: corrected an error with importing and exporting definition ranges for flank modifications.

  • REXS: corrected an error with exporting planetary stages in which component IDs may have been assigned twice.

  • Interference fits: corrected an error in the stress diagrams for press fits with partial plasticization.

  • Press fits: corrected an error with the output of the effective oversize under the influence of centrifugal force.

  • VDI 2736: corrected an error in the tooth root calculation according to VDI 2736 for ring gears.

  • Rolling bearings: corrected an error in the lifetime calculation with contamination coefficient e_C <= 0.

  • FEM planet carriers: corrected an error with reading the side plate thickness with specification of side plates with two different thicknesses.

  • FEM components: the reduced stiffness matrix for an FE component is now deleted when an associated component is deleted.

  • Spline connections: corrected an error with the tip circle diameter for internal and external centering.

  • Spline connections: several improvements and error corrections in the tolerance calculation.

  • Planet carriers: corrected an error in the analytical planet carrier stiffness when Plate 1 is to the right of Plate 2 (greater u-coordinate).