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FVA-Workbench 7.0.0


  • Undo/redo functionality for reversing changes to the model, including revision history

  • Parallel calculations for increased performance

  • New default directories for user-defined scripts and automation plans (User/Documents/FVAWorkbench)

  • Default settings can now be specified via a default.epf file in the installation directory (see documentation)

  • Numbers are shown with full precision when clicking in an editor field

  • Import/export of REXS files in version 1.4

  • Export of the exact cylindrical gear geometry, including microgeometry (flank modifications)


  • New "array overview" table type

  • New "3D shaft bending line" diagram

  • New "local results on 3D tooth flanks" diagram

  • New "FEM dynamic rolling" calculation diagrams

  • Right-click a component in the Model Tree and choose "properties" to hide the component in reports


System calculation

  • Shaft calculation without width load distribution

  • 2D proposed modification for uniform load distribution

  • Consideration of imbalances in the overall system (new "mass point" component)

  • Consideration of loose fit bearing rings

  • Bugfix for consideration of lateral chamfers

  • Bugfix for centrifugal force calculation of planets

Power loss calculations

Cylindrical gear calculations

  • Output of test dimensions for preliminary gearing

  • Additional selection option for mean tooth width dimensions

  • ABS 2019 classification society (American Bureau of Shipping)

  • ISO/TS 6336-22:2018 calculation of micropitting load capacity

  • New assistant for calculation of center distance in editor

Bevel gear calculations

  • Various bugfixes in the design according to ISO 23509 and in the control of bevel gear calculation programs

Rolling bearing calculations

  • Revision of value input in editor

  • Improved profiling specification

  • Consideration of needle roller and cage assemblies

  • Consideration of axial clearance for cylindrical roller bearings

  • Consideration of rolling element centrifugal force

  • Improved geometry estimation

  • Extension of the operating clearance calculation

  • Revision of the stiffness calculation

  • Revision of the DIN 26281 calculation

  • Calculation of SKF bearings using the SKF Calculation Service

FE cylindrical gear calculations

  • Complete rollover considering pitch deviations, etc. by specifying an mka file (STIRAK)

  • FEM dynamic rolling with Abaqus FE solver (3D contact calculation and non-linear material behavior)

FE components

  • CAD wheel bodies can be considered as a reduced stiffness matrix in the system calculation

  • Consideration of dead weight and centrifugal forces (FVA 711 II)

  • Improved user guidance when integrating FE components ("step-by-step FEM connection" replaces right-click menu)

  • Improved section algorithm for CAD shaft calculation

Shaft calculations (FKM)

  • FKM with local stresses as single calculation

Eigenvalue calculations

  • Moments of inertia of mass points can now be considered (new "mass point" component)

  • Bugfix in the calculation of Campbell diagrams

Fatigue strength

  • User-defined Woehler S-N curve with knee point in the fatigue strength range

  • Improvements in determination of fatigue strength and Woehler S-N curve from test data

  • New load spectra and failure probability features