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Importing & exporting settings

All settings in the FVA-Workbench can be imported and exported as an .epf file. Only settings that have been changed from their default value are stored in the file.


1 - Import settings

2 - Export settings

Specifying settings at system startup

default.epf file can be stored in the installation directory to specify settings when starting the FVA-Workbench. These settings are loaded each time the FVA-Workbench is started.

The following variables can be used in the .epf file:

  • %USERPROFILE% - contains the path to the user directory ("c:\Users\username")

  • %USERNAME% - contains the username

Use the following steps to create a default.epf file:

  1. Start the FVA-Workbench

  2. Configure the settings and export as an .epf file

  3. Make any necessary adjustments in the file (e.g., add variables)

  4. Copy the file to the installation directory and rename it to "default.epf"

Example of a default.epf file

#Tue Jun 15 09:04:38 CEST 2021


Path to the license file. The %USERPROFILE% variable contains the path to the user directory.


Setting for whether the model upgrade dialog should be displayed when a model is loaded.


Path to the folder where global script files are stored.


Path to the folder where XML bearing files are stored.


Setting for whether a model snapshot should automatically be created after a calculation.