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FVA-Workbench 9.0.2


  • In the case of axial plain bearings with linear stiffness, the subsequent COMBROS simulation was not carried out in the system calculation.

  • A bug has been fixed that caused an incorrect coordinate system to be used for stiffness reduction in CAD housings.

  • If the direction of the power flow through the transmission element is reversed due to the losses in the system, the loss contribution of the transmission element has been incorrectly determined.

  • An error in the calculation of the K1 factor for a stepped hub in the feather key calculation has been corrected.

  • The detection of engagement problems with cylindrical gears has been optimized.

  • An error has been fixed that caused negative pressures to be calculated for roller bearings in the unloaded edge area.

  • An error in the determination of the rolling element rollover frequency in the bearing has been corrected.