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FVA-Workbench 7.1.1


  • New evaluateAllFormulaCells() scripting function executes all calculations stored in Excel cells

  • Added confirmation prompt if temperature is not specified in FKM calculation

  • Increased maximum number of total system iterations from 50 to 500


  • Corrected load-dependent relative position (bevel tip displacements) of bevel gears on FE shafts

  • Corrected gearbox torsion angle (input/output) for gears on FE shafts

  • Changed to relative tolerance for snapping nodes on FE shafts

  • Corrected an attribute unit for life calculation module

  • Added missing directory for execution of Z88 postprocessor

  • Corrected cross-section calculation for "transverse bore" notch type

  • Corrected impact factor for compression load for DIN743 calculation (previously always set to 1.0)

  • Enabled dynamic tension-compression load for DIN743 calculation

  • Removed license warning dialogs in batch mode

  • Corrected bearing display in 3D View if housing is on the inner side of the bearing

  • Corrected form factor calculation in VDI 2736

  • Corrected transfer of "scuffing calculation according to DIN 3990" switch from older models

  • Corrected error in friction calculation of spherical roller bearings without radial load