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FVA Simulation Hub

The FVA Simulation Hub is an independent application from the FVA-Workbench which can be operated as a service on a server. Any number of clients can send calculation tasks (jobs) to the Simulation Hub using so-called requests. The Simulation Hub distributes the jobs among multiple instances of the FVA-Workbench. The calculation results are then returned to the client as a response. Communication with the Simulation Hub is done via a REST-API. This interface makes it possible for users to develop their own client applications to communicate with the Simulation Hub.

Example applications:

  • Web application in which users can specify various gearbox parameters, start a calculation, and then view the results.

  • Application to perform mass calculations for optimization of drive solutions.

  • Application for recalculation of modular gear units with different combinations of components or variations.

All applications have in common that the user of the client application does not need to have any specialist knowledge about how to operate the FVA-Workbench.


The FVA Simulation Hub - what it does and how it works

Installation and configuration of the FVA Simulation Hub

FVA Simulation Hub documentation