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Parametric FEM Planet Carriers

This tutorial will demonstrate the modeling, meshing, and calculation of parametrically generated FEM planet carriers.


Model the planetary stage

  1. Create a new model 010_new_model.png (Project → New)

  2. Add a planetary stage

    Right-click on the gear unit in the Model Tree and add a new planetary stage component.

  3. Specify the gear data

    For "planet carrier design," select option (1): "double plate carrier assembly - bearing on pins." The other gear data does not need to be changed.


Specify the parameters for the struts

  • Add and configure the strut geometry

    Select the planet carrier component in the Model Tree, and switch to the "Planet carrier stiffness/FEM" tab in the Editor.

    Change the planet carrier stiffness to "Internal FEM planet carrier modeling" (1).

    Activate specification of the strut geometry (2). Adjust the "Radius of planetary gap" and "Wall thickness" attributes according to the figure (3). Activate the options for "strut opening extends through the side plate" (4).


Meshing and calculation

  1. Start the mesher

    Click "Step 1" to start the mesher.

  2. Meshing parameters

    For this tutorial, you may choose any meshing parameters you like. Click "preview surface mesh" (1) for a visual preview. If the surface mesh meets your requirements, click "create volume mesh" to complete the meshing.

  3. Snap the coupling nodes

    Click "Step 4" to snap the FE coupling nodes.


    Click (1) to automatically snap the coupling nodes between the FE planet carrier and the analytical gear. Click (2) to hide the gear unit and check the snapped bearing nodes.

  4. Calculate the stiffness

    Click "Step 5" to start the stiffness calculation.



    Once calculated, the stiffness matrix is saved in the gear model (.wbpz). It does not need to be calculated every time the model is loaded.

  5. Consider the stiffness in the overall system

    For comparison purposes, different selections are available in the carrier stiffness drop-down menu; for example, between the stiffness matrix, as described above, and analytical modeling.



    If the stiffness is not considered, the planet carrier is hidden in the 3D model and a warning message is shown.