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Performing complex tasks in the FVA-Workbench requires many manual steps. The special scripting user-interface has been developed to achieve maximum flexibility in using the system. This allows users to control the system to a large degree using text instructions. It is based on the JavaScript programming language and can be used to execute calculations, assign attributes, compare values, specify conditional iterations, document key characteristics, and much more. The execution of complex tasks can be reduced to a single mouse click. This offers significant time savings and increased standardization for specific use cases.

With the scripting feature, almost all operations that are available in the user interface can be automated:

  • Setting attribute values

  • Starting calculations

  • Generating reports

Furthermore, all types of files can be imported as well as exported. Typical use cases for scripting include optimization and variation calculations.


Online seminar - Scripting in the FVA-Workbench