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FVA-Workbench 8.1.2


  • The correct value is now used for the basic strength sigma_FE in the calculation of the local tooth root capacity of bevel gear stages.

  • For bevel gear stages with helix angle modifications, the load contact patterns in the 2D diagrams (such as the 2D load distribution diagram) are once again correctly positioned relative to the tooth edge.

  • An error has been fixed that led to incorrect sorting of stage gear data components in gear chains.

  • Couplings to the housing (for example, with ring gears or planetary stage carrier shafts) can now be deleted.

  • An error has been corrected in the snapping of FE coupling nodes of couplings on FEM housings with calculation of ovalized bearing seats activated.

  • Added proportionality check for local FKM load calculations; if necessary, the calculation is aborted and an error message is issued.

  • An error has been corrected in the FKM local stress ratio calculation.

  • An error has been corrected in the specification of shaft shoulders via the "nominal shaft diameter" attribute.

  • REXS import now automatically creates gear body components for bevel gears.

  • Improved default value for the system calculation convergence tolerance for models with gears where the normal module is < 1mm.

  • Improvement of system calculation convergence via consideration of the bearing clearance when determining the initial stiffness of rolling bearings.


    It may be necessary to restore the default values for models in which the initial bearing stiffness has been modified by the user.